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Serving Des Moines, IA Since 1998

Tumea & Sons Restaurant roots back to 1960 when Joe Tumea first arrived in United States at the age of 18. He was unaware that just a year later 13-year-old Lucretia Berardi would follow from their native Italy. A few years later, Mr. Tumea and Ms. Berardi met for the first time while serving at Foreman & Clark in Des Moines. In 1967, they got married and together had four sons: Sam in 1969, Joe Jr. in 1971, Mario in 1974, and Louie in 1980.
Joe Tumea family
Joe Sr. and Lu continued their tailoring profession, and took the boys along, where the little ones learned not only to rip out sleeves but also neatly cut off buttons, but to work as a family as well. The practice was put to good use in January 1998, when the family together opened Tumea & Sons Restaurant, and their dream of seeing themselves and their American-born sons self-employed was realized. Using home recipes and knowledge gained from previous restaurant jobs, the Tumea family has been feeding folks from Des Moines and the surrounding areas for decades. Referring to this, Joe says, "To be success, just takes hard work, team work, and support of family and friends."
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